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Visited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVYDz_coSfY 26715 Ads 22
Visited Explore the Entire World--from the Comfort of Quarantine--with 4K ... 26716 Ads 22
Displayed Gmail ads 26717 Ads 22
Displayed Gmail ads 26718 Ads 22
Displayed Gmail ads 26719 Ads 22
Used com.chess.iphone 26720 Ads 22
Displayed Gmail ads 26721 Ads 22

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CREATE TABLE `google_activity_products_assoc` (`action_id` integer,`product_id` integer,PRIMARY KEY (`action_id`,`product_id`),CONSTRAINT `fk_google_activity_products_assoc_product` FOREIGN KEY (`product_id`) REFERENCES `google_activity_products`(`id`),CONSTRAINT `fk_google_activity_products_assoc_action` FOREIGN KEY (`action_id`) REFERENCES `google_activity`(`id`));