1 row where header = "Takeout" and "updated_at" is on date 2021-03-02 sorted by deleted_at descending

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id created_at updated_at deleted_at ▲ header title title_url type time
3 2021-03-02 19:31:21.060137+03:00 2021-03-02 19:31:21.060137+03:00   Takeout Initiated a Takeout   Takeout 2021-01-12 09:19:36.235+00:00

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CREATE TABLE `google_activity` (`id` integer,`created_at` datetime,`updated_at` datetime,`deleted_at` datetime,`header` text,`title` text,`title_url` text,`type` text,`time` datetime,PRIMARY KEY (`id`));
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX `google_activity_key` ON `google_activity`(`header`,`title`,`time`);
CREATE INDEX `idx_google_activity_deleted_at` ON `google_activity`(`deleted_at`);